Psycho Optimizer

With this service you can optimize and compress images up to 80%, significantly reducing their size without loss of quality. Thus, you accelerate the download speed and improve the quality of the site.

Psycho Optimizer allows you to simultaneously download up to 50 images in jpg and png. If you wish, you can view each file and compare the quality before and after compression. Processed files are available for download. Files uploaded to the server can be stored for 30 minutes.


Optimization of the site loading speed is currently one of the most important tasks for achieving good website quality indicators. Most of this problem affects commercial sites, such as online stores. Small companies may not have a technical specialist; improvements can also be carried out on an outsource. The process of adding images can be disrupted, both by the owner, and specialists working with content. As an example, adding a gallery for news, large, raw images taken on a camera are copied. The large image for the background provided by the designer may also not be processed and exceed the size of all other resources combined.

The main weight of the page is graphic files and in most cases are the largest resources on the page. Non-optimized and unprocessed images lead to the following negative factors:

  • page loading speed, bad for visits and conversion. It is inconvenient for the user to navigate in the process of downloading large images.
  • server load, due to which the site may become unstable and periodically inaccessible to the user, for example, during peak visits.
  • place on the server, in this case, the owner will need to increase the tariff plan for the site. In the case of an online store, when large images are added for 1000 products, thus the disk space is quickly filled, especially if the catalog is growing every day.
  • These factors impair the quality and performance of the site as a whole.

    Image processing and their correct placement is one of the main factors in website optimization. There are several ways to optimize graphic content on the site, one of which is to compress bitmap images. In this case, the best practices of compression algorithms are used, which can reduce redundant information and meta-data. As a result, we get a similar image, the size of which is much smaller than the original.


    Now we will consider a visual example, a snapshot was taken from a camera with a resolution of 4608*3072px. On the left, an image before compression, its weight is 3.5 mb, on the right, an image after compression, its size is 506 kb. Thus, we get a reduction in size of 85%. It is also necessary to take into account that the picture can be cropped, then the size will be even smaller.